Nurse Leaders

Developing a cohesive team that puts patients first and creates efficiency, even when you’re not there!

You love the idea of providing compassionate care for your patients and seeing your organization thrive.

But how do you maintain a happy and clinically excellent staff that helps you manifest organizational goals without working all the time?

It begins with building a culture of collaboration and communication where everyone feels heard and can’t wait to get to work each day.

Todd Angelucci’s 20 years as an RN in home care nursing and long-term care supervision, plus his experience as a clinical resource manager, LPN trainer, and medical sales consultant, give Todd a unique perspective to help nurse leaders excel.

Todd has experienced firsthand the stress, overwhelm and burn out rate that plague nurses at all levels. He knows that nurse leaders deserve the support of a conversant thinking partner who will help them create a culture of collaboration and communication with the whole care team.

That’s why Todd has dedicated his coaching business to helping nurse leaders build a cohesive team that puts patients first and flows efficiently, even when they are not there.

“With the financial and regulatory aspects of healthcare in a continual state of flux, many nurses feel stuck and powerless. It takes a savvy leader to keep teams from fragmenting. I’ve developed a blueprint to help nurse leaders grow AMAZING TEAMS that focus on what nurses do best — providing outstanding care for patients and their families. Let’s ignite your drive to make a difference!”

Todd Angelucci

Nurse Leaders

Take 10 Minutes to:

  • Learn how to reduce your staff’s negativity and mentor happy nurses.
  • Discover the key to navigating organizational politics and winning the support of your supervisors.
  • Pick up simple coaching techniques to motivate everyone on your team.

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