Thumbs upHow do you really know how satisfied your patients are?

Getting accurate data is a challenge.  Hospitals and other healthcare organizations have hired teams of people whose sole job is to enhance the patient experience. The standard methods are surveys and phone calls. But let’s face it. The majority of people who fill out surveys and take patient satisfaction calls are:

  1. People who want to complain.
  2. Or People who want to praise a staff member.

Somewhat helpful, yes. But not the full story. You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken.

Here’s a unique idea…

At a restaurant have you ever had the manager or owner come to your table to ask how the food and service are? Chances are you told them the truth and it enhanced the feeling of being served. This strategy is used in millions of restaurants. Because it works.

Not only is the manager getting a pulse on how you liked the food, but also since the staff know the manager is doing this, they are performing at the top of their game. A not so good experience can be turned around before it gets worse..

So what if at the end of each day and evening shift you go to patients’ rooms and ask questions like this:

  • How was your care today?
  • Did you get your pain medication on time?
  • Was the team helpful and did they meet your needs?
  • Can I help you in any way?

You’ll naturally pitch in on the spot and help care for the patients if necessary, which will earn points with your patients and your team. Family members will be impressed as well

After doing this for just a few weeks you’ll have a blueprint to improve staff development and support.

SUPERCHARGE TIP:  Want to enhance this even more?  After a patient is discharged from your care, call the patient to ask how they are doing.  This will boost your customer service to a new level.  Not only will you follow up on the customer service you’ll also potentially prevent another trip to the hospital or doctor’s office.

30 DAY CHALLENGE: Try this on your unit for a full month. Your upper management team will be blown away on how you took patient satisfaction and customer service to a new level.