My Career Journey

My healthcare journey began as a combat medic, which, in turn, led me to an amazing career as a nurse (ICU, Med-Surg, ER, Home Care, Long-term care, and transitional care). I also served the nursing profession from the top down for 20+ years helping hospital executives and staff leaders implement new technologies and initiatives and improve patient outcomes. I have seen many sides of nursing and the healthcare administration.

At a critical point in my nursing career, I found I was tired of the long shifts, putting my license at risk, and working in a toxic environment. I found myself wondering if I was doing what I was set out to do. I wound up learning what kept me and my fellow nurses stuck in careers, feeling drained, stressed and overwhelmed. I found myself thinking about all aspects of my nursing career, my passions, and my financial desires. So I decided to do something about it!

Throughout my experience, I saw the potential opportunities nurses have to change. I started living by principles that drove me in a direction of creating a career that met all of my needs. Instead of passively trading dollars for long stressful hours, I decided to become the CEO of my nursing career.

I tirelessly searched nursing careers, created roles that transcend nursing, and found simple ways to be a nurse entrepreneur. I learned so many important things, including what kept many nurses stuck in the trenches and what it took to get them out.

Nurses frequently ask me, “How did you get that cool nursing job?”

I realized that I was living by a set of principles that drove me in a direction to create a career in healthcare that I love. I worked (and lived) by a code or mission that was driving me, and I didn’t realize it. I was the CEO of my career. I found the coolest and best nursing jobs out there. I also created a business through which I could help others beyond the scope of healthcare.

I realized that I was driven to create a movement to help nurses and nursing as a profession. All of the things I learned and skills I acquired were not taught in nursing schools and at nursing jobs. They came out of experience, reflection, and research.

I realized that this manifesto was driving me even though I didn’t know it at the time.

I have experienced first-hand the stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, and burn out rate that plague nurses at all levels. I know nurses and nurse leaders need support and encouragement. I am committed to helping nurses create a meaningful career which fulfills their desire of helping others.


  • Registered Nurse — Cardio Thoracic Intensive Care and Medicine Cardiac Step Down Unit,  LTC Supervisor
  • Clinical Education Manager — Bard Medical-Critical Care
  • Clinical Applications Specialist — GE Medical/GE Marquette
  • Transitional Care Coordinator / Account Executive — VNA/Hartford Healthcare
  • Sales Consultant — Bard Medical, Becton Dickinson, Berlex Labs
  • B.S.N. Nursing — Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut 1996
  • Certified Health Coach — University Villanova 2016
  • Certified Coach — Coach Training Alliance, Boulder, Colorado 2008