As a nurse leader, you’re working hard to accomplish the goals of the organization and manage the day to day functioning of your team. While you love inspiring your team, you’ve noticed that very important parts of your life are neglected. Your health, relationships and other aspects of your life may be suffering.

If this strikes a cord, ask yourself:

  • Do I have to be constantly involved for my team and unit to function properly?
  • Have I made myself the sole problem solver and motivator of the team?

If you answered “yes,” chances are YOU are directing most of the activity on your unit (or team), and that is not a sustainable position to be in.

To develop a cohesive team that puts patients first and flows efficiently even when you’re not there, create a succession plan to empower your team.

With a succession plan you’ll be able to pass along your knowledge and skills and cultivate other team members to replace you – when you retire, move on to another project, or advance your path. And you’ll go home with energy left in reserve for yourself, your family and your other life pursuits!

5 Steps to Get Started on Your Succession Plan:

  1. Identify key team members who are inspired to become leaders in nursing.
  2. Create a career development plan with them. Human Resources may have a template that you can tweak or expand to meet your needs.
  3. Set short and long term goals then continually assess progress towards accomplishment.
  4. Coach and mentor your protégés in all aspects of nursing leadership. They take on some of your leadership responsibilities, which will free you up to rejuvenate or focus attention other projects you’re passionate about completing.
  5. Learn to let go of certain responsibilities and allow your apprentice to run with it. This will empower your assistant leaders, free up time for you, and build confidence within the team.

To have an AMAZING TEAM that functions well EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT THEREbecome an amazing leader.

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