NursesAs a nurse leader you have lots of innovative ideas about how to enhance care for patients, families, and your team, but putting them into day to day operation is a significant challenge. Don’t try to do it alone!

How can you motivate your team to work together to make it happen?

The success of implementing anything on your unit or department comes down to getting buy-in from your nurses and other members of your healthcare team. You’ll need to inspire them and coordinate the steps necessary for important changes to materialize.

Use these 8 strategies to create buy in:

  1. Create an open forum to present your initial ideas. Set up meetings all staff can attend and communicate your ideas in a powerful and passionate way.
  2. Allow the idea to settle and germinate. Give your nurses ample time to process the information and concepts of your ideas.
  3. Establish frequent follow up meetings. Schedule regular meetings to address questions or objections as your team processes the ideas fully. Allow your nurses to expresses concerns, fears, and implications of change.
  4. Be flexible. Rather than demanding an idea to be implemented your way, encourage the team to contribute and have a say. This will give them ownership in its success.
  5. Handle objections as they arise. Be prepared to handle objections from your healthcare team. Explain the big picture outcomes.
  6. Build support for the idea. Keep your supporters engaged and enthusiastic. Engage your team in an open discussion, but don’t try to sway the eternal pessimists.
  7. Get a pulse on how your nurses feel. Spend time with your nurses individually and allow them to verbalize their feelings. Over time you will learn what their hot buttons are, which will give you hints about how to empower them and build support.
  8. Set the team up for success. Assess the skill set necessary for implementation and educate your team extensively. Give them the tools for success and be flexible to allow for changes.

In today’s healthcare environment, professionals are forced to do more with less. Nurses are working harder with fewer resources, leading to high burnout rates. Creating solutions that will help them feel successful will inspire them to join you. To be an excellent nurse leader and create that AMAZING TEAM, you must demonstrate excellence.

What are your ideas for creating lasting improvements for your unit or department?